Friday, May 17, 2013

Easter Traditions

I love coloring eggs for Easter.  We discovered that our friends, the Olstens, have never colored eggs with their kids.  So after threatening to not be friends anymore if they didn't color eggs this year, instead we just had them over to color eggs with us.  Matt always tries to make eggs that are interesting to him, like a joker egg, or alien egg, or a Halo mask egg.  I always make a He is Risen egg because my Dad made one every year while I was growing up and as an adult I enjoy carrying on the tradition and taking some time to remember why we celebrate the day.  It was so fun to enjoy this tradition with some great friends this year.

 The kids found their Easter baskets in various locations around the house.  This year we let them hide the baskets for each other and I think they enjoyed doing that.

 I didn't get a picture of me with Eden on her baptism day so we took a couple on Easter Sunday.  Eden had a giggle fit about I don't remember what.  I love seeing her laugh, except when she purposely adds a pig snort into it.  She may regret that someday.

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  1. Our easter tradition is - Matt, "What is in an egg?" Two-year old Eden - "Kriptonite"