Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun with LOST

We went to a Lost season 5 opening party on Wednesday night. We came up with some fun ideas of food to take. Sharon's suggestions were black cotton candy to represent the smoke monster, showing up with nothing and saying that it disappeared with the island, and something else. Matt's suggestion was snowball cupcakes with black frosted number 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. We ended up doing an island shaped 7 layer bean dip on our awesome platter. I made the dip and Matt decorated it with a smoke monster made of olives, Gummy bear polar bears, an airplane in several parts made of marshmellows and tents made of chips. It was fun and yummy. We hope that all you Losties out there enjoyed the season opener as much as we did.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks A lot Veggie Tales!

So at the end of the Veggie Tales movie The Toy That Saved Christmas they have this demonstration on how to your own veggie scene with food and then have it as a snack. Gideon saw this and thought it was the coolest thing ever. He asked every day several times a day for a week and on Sunday I finally helped them do it for dinner. Gideon and Eden were so excited. The plates turned out really cute and Gideon said that it was the best dinner he'd ever had. I had Matt take these pictures so that someday when my kids say I never did anything fun with them I could prove that I did just this once. I might even do it again someday. That was the first question when they were done eating. When can we do it again?

Voltron, Defender of the Universe

The kids have been watching Voltron (a cartoon from the 80's that Matt loved as a kid) alot lately. It has something for everyone robots, mice, a princess, and heroes. Gideon decided one day to make Voltron toys for everyone. We think that he did a pretty job with these.

Eden's New Skirt

I bought this skirt at Children's Place online for Eden and she loves it! She wore it 3 days straight and then cried when I had to wash it. Hopefully she doesn't wear it out before Larke gets a turn to wear it at all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Paint Please!

Eden constantly begs to paint. I do give in on rare occasions, but the mess is a big deterant to me. Larke now has to do everything Eden does which is as it should be. So this time they painted together. I had alot of fun watching them play together and of course paint themselves instead of the paper which seems to be an urge that no child can resist.

Week 13 Ultrasound for baby #4

So I don't know about the rest of you moms out there, but I love ultrasounds. There is something so exciting and wonderful to me when I get to see my baby this way. It's probably because I won't get to see the baby any other way for a while. It's also probably tied to the fact that it helps me know that there really is a real live baby in me, which is just a wonderful thing sometimes. I guess I could trade in the feeling crabby and tired all the time, the various body parts in my ribs, the heartburn (I hate the heartburn, which I am experiencing as I write this), etc. If I could trade in all this I would, however I do feel grateful to be such a vital part in this beginning of life, and something that we as moms should be proud of and grateful for. We cannot be replaced which is a blessing and a curse. I've had a crabby day, but looking at this ultrasound makes me happy to know that sometime in July I will get to cradle this precious bundle in my arms. Why that makes me happy when I've spent the day listening to my two girls fight and cry I will never understand. It must be because I know that there are good days to be had full of laughter, and hugs, and books, and coloring, and snuggleing, and alot of I love you's.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Baby Names

This is #4 for us. These are names we like so far. We don't know yet if it is a boy or a girl, obviously.

Some of the names that we like are:
For Boys
Rushmore Adam
Lincoln Edward
Garrison Arthur

For Girls
Charlotte Marie
Gwendolyn Anne

Which ones do you guys like? Any other suggestions?

Our Christmas Pageant

Our Angel Eden!
Mary-played by Chelise, Joseph-played by Gideon, Baby Jesus-played by Preston, and the Shepard-played by Dallin

Indy was our all-purpose animal just like Snoopy. In this scene I believe he was a sheep.
A picture of Eden's wings that she insisted on having and the first thing that I could come up with to make her happy.
Eden holding the star.
Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus with Grandma Jones holding the star.

Larke was supposed to be a shepherd too, but she really got distracted by the beautiful star.

Our handsome Joseph boy.
The kids had fun this year doing the pageant at Grandma and Grandpa Jones house this year. We've tried in previous years to get the kids excited about doing a Christmas Pageant, but this is the first year we've actually succeeded. It was fun to watch them. Gideon was very concerned that the colors match the nativity that we have at home, so everyone had to imagine that his blue robe was red. Although I just checked and Joseph is indeed wearing blue in our nativity. Oh well. It was fun making up quick wings to please Eden although they didn't stay together very well. They worked for our short program and they made her happy. Larke was very cute holding the star. They all did a great job.
Larke was actually very funny this trip. I didn't get any pictures of this but she loved on all the men in our combined families. She loved Uncle Jeff when we were at Matt's families house and she loved Uncle Vernon and Uncle Mark and Uncle Owen when we were at my parents. She'd go and sit on all of them and everyone was mutually pleased with the situation.
Larke also spent some time on our last day at The Jones home redecorating my In-Laws bedroom with permanent marker. On the endtables, the carpet, the comforter, two beautiful pillows, the bathtub, the vanity and the bathroom wall. She of course got herself, her ducky pajamas, and her ducky blanket as well. I didn't get any pictures. I thought about it, but I was in too much of a hurry to get it cleaned up. We did get most of everything out with Goo Gone. If you don't have any go and buy some. We could not get the marker out of the pillows, but thankfully on both of them she just happened to draw only on the backs of the pillows. We still love her, but are thinking we should have left a day sooner. Sorry Mom and Dad, hope we will all be welcomed back soon. Thanks for taking it so well.

Parade of Lights

The kids waiting for the Parade of Lights in downtown Denver.
One of the fun Highschool Bands.A fun dancing group.

The Capital Building all lit up.
One of the floats lit up. So beautiful.The girls so pleased with their light toys.The kids favorite float, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
Gideon and his light up lightsaber. He looks so tough!So a special thanks to Phil and Jenny for inviting us to come with them to the Parade of Lights in downtown Denver. The kids were surprisingly good for the most part. They really enjoyed all the colors and the music. Thankfully the night was actually fairly warm which was a pleasant surprise. The streets were lined with tons of people. I think that this is something that we will have to do again next year. We were actually impressed that one of the floats was a manger seen, there was also a manger seen in front of the Capital Building. Thanks Denver for doing this parade.

Snowball Fights and Snowmen

My sister Sharon and I building a snowman.
Collecting snow for the snowman.
Matt and Larke on one team.
Spencer and Gideon on the other.
Along with Eli, who pretty much was getting anyone she could.
Eden and Matt getting ready to make snowangels.
Posing with our half done snowman, I never did get a completed picture of our snowman.

So one day while we were at my mom's house in Utah we got between 9 inches to a foot of snow and decided to build a snowman. It was perfect packing snow. We had to convince Eden that she wanted to come outside and then of course she was the one that lasted the longest in the snow. We had alot of fun until of course people through snowballs at me while I was taking pictures and I thought that the camera was ruined. It ended up being fine when it dried out a little, so alls well that ends well. We had alot of fun.

Sharon and Mark and Elisa just moved to North Carolina shorly after Christmas. I'm so sad that they won't be in Utah anymore when we come to visit. We love them so much.

My Santa Ornaments

I crocheted 11 of these Santa ornaments and they took me FOREVER! I'm glad that I made them, but it is a very strong possibility that I will never be making another one. I am happy with how they turned out and I hope that those people who got one at our ornament exchange like them too.

My Christmas Present

My sister Juleen made this wallhanging for me for Christmas. Isn't it just beautiful? I'm so glad that she had my name this year and that I get to have this work of art on my wall. My camera isn't the best and so it doesn't do the wallhanging justice, but you get the gist. Thank you so much Juleen! I love it!
Other fun gifts that I got for Christmas are a rolling case for my cricut and other various scrapbooking material from my mother in law; Early Edition season 1, a cook book, cherry sours(my favorite candy), and a drawing book from my husband; and a wheat grinder and Standing Tall CDs and books from my mom(I grew up on these stories and songs and I can't wait for my children to love them too). All in all I feel very spoiled and I'd like to thank everyone for everything.

I made these letters for Gideon's room for Christmas. He has been very excited about them. I finally got them hung up on his wall yesterday and he was very delighted.