Thursday, January 5, 2012

Way Past Due

Merry Christmas From the Jones Family
Well everyone we hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and that you have all been able to get started on your New Year's Resolutions. Finally posting this letter was one of my Resolutions. I'm only like 3 weeks later then I wanted to be, but I'm hoping better late then never will apply this time.
We Joneses had a great year. It was a year of challenges and growing that was sometimes painful and sometimes very very rewarding.
There was a time when I thought the kids would never grow up. That we would be stuck in this cycle every day for the rest of my life of doing everything for them. The only communication crying and cooing. Now I can't get them to stop growing. That cycle I thought would never end is long gone. Now I'm wishing I could have a little bit of that back and do a better job of enjoying them young.
As a family we have had a lot of trips this year. We have been 3 times to Utah. We took the kids to Disneyland and the Beach in May. We all had a great time together and the kids ask constantly when we are going back. All of my sisters and I got together here in Colorado in July which was marvelous. Matt and I got to go to Florida all by ourselves and had a great time focusing on just spending time together.
Let's see, what have we been up to individually this year.
I turned 33 this year. I am have been learning how to balance getting my kids to and from school, preschool, dance, soccer, scouts and other various play dates and outings. I know I haven't even scratched the surface of this yet, but man it has been "fun" getting myself so organized and time conscious. I have enjoyed working on my scrapbooks when I have time. I love spending time with friends and on the phone with my family, especially my sisters. They help me to keep going everyday when I feel like I can't do one more thing. I am still loving working with the young women at church. They help me feel young and lively. They make me laugh and add a lot of joy to my life.

Matt is soon to be 32. He is still working at Scitor where he enjoys entertaining his co-workers and working hard. He is a great Dad. He is great at explaining difficult things simply and impresses me often with the patience and love he has for our children. He has been serving as Financial Clerk in our Ward for a good part of this year. Matt is still and even more so a wonderful husband. He helps me to be a better person every day. He is my best friend, my support and often times my guide. He still makes me laugh and helps me to be light and happy.

Gideon turned 8 this year. He was baptized in May and we got to have both sets of Grandparents here plus LeAnn and family, M'Recia, Brent and Melissa for the special day. He is enjoying 3rd Grade and at this point of his life would like to grow up to be a scientist. Gideon a lot of the time is a very sweet and deep thinking boy. He tries very hard to be nice to others and is a awesome older brother. He does like to be as independent as possible and likes to wake up to his own alarm for school. He loves scouts and is looking forward to more fun with that in the upcoming year. Gideon enjoys reading and finally has our permission to read the 4th Harry Potter book. He can't wait to delve in.

Eden is 6 going on 15. She loves anything she thinks is pretty. She still wears skirts a lot but has learned to not fight with me when I say to put pants on. Eden did dance this year again and did very well in the Christmas program. She loves, loves, loves 1st grade and her teacher so much. Everyday I pick her up from school and ask her how it was and every day is wonderful. She loves playing dress-up with Larke and loves having play dates with friends. She is very good at writing and is turning into a great little reader. She is also very funny and is constantly saying things to make everyone laugh. Eden has started to really try to be a peace maker and volunteers to be last a lot.

Larke is 5. She is a very sweet little girl. She tends to be more quiet then our other kids and so she surprises me sometimes with her cheerfulness and exuberance. She still loves to wrestle with Gideon. She often takes a beating where Rush is concerned, and she does so often with tears in her eyes but not hitting back. She has really been enjoying the Preschool Group we have been doing this year and has been finally willing to write her letters. It is amazing to see her blossom. She can read some words even. I think she is going to love Kindergarden next year. Larke loves playing on starfall and the Kinect. She still loves to snuggle and her ducky blanket.

Rush is 2. He can be such a fun boy. He has started talking a ton and learns new words everyday. He loves to sing as well. Christmas was fun because every time you turn around he was singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas. He loves Superman and has discovered Krypto the Super Dog. Rush loves to be flown around the room pretending to be Superman while he giggles and squeals. He can be thoroughly delightful one second and a complete pill the next. He loves stealing my nose and having me steal his. He has gotten a little better about not hitting all the time. He loves to eat. He gives great hugs and kisses. We are hoping this year will be better at church for him. 1-4pm was a difficult time for him. Rushmore loves everyone in the family.

Well that is our year and family in a nutshell. We aren't perfect, but we do love each other. We are grateful for a Heavenly Father who has so richly blessed us and Jesus Christ who has made it possible for us to be better then we are. All our Love,
The Jones Family