Monday, May 17, 2010

My Little Ballerinas

I have had fun this weekend taking pictures of my girls in their outfits for their upcoming dance recital. Matt taught me how to tweek them with Paint Shop Pro. I am so pleased with how they turned out.

Toothless Wonder

While we were on our trip Gideon finally lost one of his front teeth. They have both been loose for several months and we have been slowly working on them. I'm afraid I have been a little obsessive about it. I just have been longing to see his cute toothless smile. A few days after we got home we noticed that the one on the bottom next to the middle was about to fall out so we pulled out that one too. Two days after that Gideon pulled out his other front tooth and we ended up with the adorable grin as seen above.

For the first two teeth Gideon recieved $1.00 a piece from the toothfairy. He seemed a little disappointed each time and I found out that he wanted instead a cookie. So I had him write to the toothfairy and inform her of the fact because the toothfairy is used to giving money to children. So this is what he wrote. "I want a cookie." I told him that he needed to put more. So this is what we together came up with, in case you can't read the note. "Dear Tooth Fairy, Thank You for the dollars, but I want a cookie please. Cute huh? The toothfairy responded with a promise for a cookie next time.


We made this cute project the last day of Preschool with the girls. It's made with a paper cup oval green papers and toothpicks. They got to make their own cactus. Even Larke loved this project. We used rocks outside to balance the cacti so they wouldn't fall over. I loved making these with the girls.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Eden, Larke, and Makenzie

Eden and Makenzie are getting ready to start Kindergarden next year. Preschool was alot of fun to do with the girls this year. We have had just the 3 girls doing it this year, which has been easy and hard in different ways. Eden can get a little emotional and in a small group it can be difficult when she is in a mood. It has been fun to see her learning and growing and preparing for Kindergarden.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ode to Great Grandma Jones

My Father in Law, Mike with his mother Margie.
Grandma Jones at M'Recia's Wedding. I love this picture of her.I put this picture up because I love her bathing suit. So cute.Arthur and Margie on their wedding day.
She was always so stylish. Such a pretty lady.Great Grandma Jones with Eden and Gideon when he was still Scooter.
Her name was Margie Fay Lewis Jones. She was a generous beautiful woman. She passed away Thursday, April 22nd at the age of 83. Some of the things that stood out to me about Grandma Jones were that she loved to be crafty. Her home was full of stuff that she made. Margie loved to crosstitch, arrange flowers, paint, and decorate cakes. I loved visiting her home at Christmas. She always had beautiful ornaments on her tree and a Christmas villiage under her tree. One of the things that has stuck out to me from the funeral is my Father in Law saying how he always thought that she was the most beautiful out of all the mothers he knew. I loved seeing her pictures and trying to imagine what her life was like growing up in a small town on a farm in Utah. She had the spunk to leave that small town and go to California when she was done with High School where she married and raised her 5 children.
One of the things that I enjoyed most was visiting the town she grew up in. It was very small. The church where her Dad was a Bishop for 16 years was a shell, but the home where she grew up is still lived in, by I don't know who. We saw the hill where she used to play and where one of her siblings is buried. I also enjoyed learning that she was a Temple worker for years, just like my Grandma Anne.
We love you Grandma Jones. You were a gracious, beautiful, generous woman. You will be sorely missed.

Home Depot and Iron Man

Something that Matt's parents have turned us onto, for those of you out there that haven't heard, Home Depot does a free kid craft the first Saturday of every month. They give the kids a free apron and a pin and certificate when the project is finished. My kids have enjoyed doing so much with their Grandma and Grandpa Jones that they have been asking to do it again. This last time we were with them the kids made a planters box for Mother's Day. They were so excited to give them to me. Even though they made them a full week before Mother's Day Gideon was trying very hard to hide it from me. It was sweet. Gideon got the Iron Man mask with leftover birthday money and toothfairy money. He thinks he is pretty awesome when he has it on.

Dinosaur Museum

We had a quick trip to visit family and my parents took us all to the dinosaur museum. The kids had a lot of fun going through all the exibits and playing together with Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, Mom and each other. *So after posting this the first time M'Recia reminded me that Larke got very upset when Matt tried to convince her that she has bones just like the dinosaurs. Matt tried to show her by feeling her arms and saying "see, feel your bones right here!" She really didn't like that at all. She cried and yelled that she did not have bones. I just asked her if she has bones, and although it did not make her cry this time it was still a resounding "NO!".