Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Official...

I have been telling myself for 2 months atleast that I can't consider myself uncomfortable because the last month wasn't here yet. I told myself that I couldn't start complaining because the last month would be worse. Well, I've reached it! And I was right, it is worse. The baby is up in my ribs alot, there is no comfortable position, I'm hungry and full constantly and I still have three weeks left. I hate with a passion this final stretch of time. I'm impatient for it to come one minute and the next I know that I just can't do this again. I think all this uncomfortableness is God's way of getting us women to say. BRING ON LABOR and a crying baby, anything to just have all the uncomfortableness and sleeplessness gone. Thanks alot, Heavenly Father. I mean that literally and sarcastically. I do think it is good to get us to the point where we want the baby out, but man does it have to be so... Anyway I know all you Mothers out there feel my pain, literally, or have felt it before. I just needed to get that off my chest and sit down for a minute. Hope you all have a great day.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cute faces

Larke's cute scrunchy prayer face.
Eden, trying hard not to laugh and not succeeding.

Gideon, so reverant.

So I have something to admit. I have been peeking during prayer. Please don't tell my parents, they'll be so disappointed. I only peek to make sure my kids aren't peeking. I peeked once to check on everyone and Larke had on her cute little scrunched up face with her eyes shut so tight I almost bust out laughing. Then I had to peek again because she was just so cute and I wanted to see her face again. So now I'm repenting. After prayer I had Larke pose for me so that I could capture her scrunchy face on camera and so that I would stop peeking at her during prayer. Of course once I took a picture of her I had to take a prayer picture of the other kids. I hope you guys get as much enjoyment out of Larke's prayer face as I do and that after now seeing it you will understand why I had to peek.

Our Family in Lego Form

Gideon built each of us out of Lego blocks the other day including the soon to be baby boy. I played with him and each of us had to take turns holding the baby. I thinks our kids must have baby on the brain. We have decided to name the baby Rushmore Adam Jones. We will be calling him Rush, this has been the kids number one choice from the beginning. I hope that Rush likes his name as much as the other kids do. We are excited to only have 5 more weeks even though the kids ask me everyday if it is going to be today.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wall Hangings

So I pretty much finished this wall hanging like atleast 6 months ago except for clipping it everywhere. It would probably still not be done except my Mother is awesome and clipped it for me while I was in Utah. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Mom you are the best.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The rest of our Utah Trip...

You can kind of see how fat Gideon's lip is from chewing on it.
My toothless boy.Grandma making gingerbread boy and girl.
I love the high heels.Me being silly with Gideon and Gingerbread boy and girl.Larke peeking up at me.Larke making carrots with Grandma.Eden being silly with play dough.Grandpa and Gideon playing Air Hockey. Go Gideon Go! I guess we all know where my loyalty lies.

We spent 4 days before the wedding with the Jones family. We did lots of fun things which I did not get pictures of. On Saturday I went with the other ladies in the family to a Bridal Shower for M'Recia. Where my mother in law made a wedding dress out of the wrapping paper from the presents. Eden went home with her cousin Chelise and promptly spent the whole time sleeping. Eden ended up being sick with a fever. While Eden slept we took the other kids swimming and just enjoyed talking, playing games and being with everyone. Eden took quite a liking to Grandma Jones this trip and followed her around the house loving on her and being desperate for her attention. Gideon enjoyed his cousins Alec, Chelise, and Dallin thoroughly and looked forward to them coming to play everyday. Larke spent her time playing with and torturing Eden and loving on M'Recia. I enjoyed getting a pedicure with M'Recia, Melissa and Joy. Thanks to Michelle and Jeff and Marc for coming over so much while we were there. It was not the same without you guys, especially Michelle. We really enjoyed our visit with the Jones half of our family. It was full of laughter and games and fun and stories (Mike shared with us what their wedding day was like that was fun) and preparations for M'Recia's Wedding.

The day after the wedding we spent some time with my sister Juleen and then we drove down to my parents. Juleen also brought her grandson Carson (so weird that my sister has a grandson) and he kids Shani and Scott swimming on Monday. We went to bed very early because both Matt and I were beat from having so much fun with the Joneses. Friday we got to spend time with my brother Ryan and his wife Kristie and their kids Michael and Ruthie when they came to dinner. We also got to spend time with my brother Owen and his wife Carrie and their kid Bri and Sage on Saturday and Sunday. (Both Kristie and Carrie are pregnant also so their will be 4 new grandbabies added to the Christenson Clan this year. Sharon could have her baby any day and I still have 5 weeks Kristie is a month after me and Carrie is due the end of October.) Matt flew home on Saturday afternoon so that he could go back to work. I really enjoyed all of my family. Again Gideon enjoyed playing with his cousins especially McKay and Ki. Eden and Larke dressed up. Highlights while at my parents were playing with play dough with Grandma, playing air hockey with Grandpa, Going to the dentist and having Eden scream the whole time and Gideon having his first cavity and losing his first two teeth (he chewed his lip up pretty good while it was numb), watching my kids play with their cousins, my mom clipping my wallhanging for me (pictures of it hung coming soon), and just being with people I really really love. The last day I was at my parents I finally took the above pictures. I didn't mention Vernon and Shelly yet because we did alot with them, so I'm doing that now. Thanks to Vernon and Shelly for always opening your house to everyone, for being so stinking fun, for playing games, for having such cute kids, and for being so easy to talk to (that last one is mostly for Shelly). I wish I had pictures of my kids playing with their cousins. Oh well there is always next time. Love to all those that we had to leave behind in Utah. We'll see you again soon.

M'Recia and Brent's Wedding

With best man Jesse and Maid of Honor Wendy.
Waiting in between the sealing and reception.Dallin being cute.
Larke loving on some fake flowers that M'Recia found for the girls so they wouldn't steal her bouquet.

Eden looking very sweet, taking time to stop and smell the fake flowers.

You know how you bring a camera everywhere on a trip and then end up taking no pictures. That was me this time. Maybe nobody else has this problem. In my defense I was trying to keep track of my kids so that they wouldn't be in every one of M'Recia's wedding pictures. Larke had an especially hard time staying away from M'Recia during the picture taking. Every time I turned around she was trying to get M'Recia to hold her again. I ended up strapping her up in the stroller so that M'Recia and I could have some peace. Little girls just have a hard time resisting brides. They are so beautiful and they have flowers and M'Recia did look really beautiful. It was a wonderful day except for Larke, who continued to be an adorable but terrible two year old for the entire reception. I resorted to strapping her into the stroller again which I would have done much sooner, but my feet hurt and Matt was gone helping to decorate the car with Gideon, Jeff, and Marc. The car turned out really fun, but my camera sucked the life out of my batteries so I'll have to get pictures from someone else. Anyway I hope that M'Recia and Brent have a wonderful life together and that they work hard to keep each other happy.

Lost Party

Dharma logo cookies, that turned out way better then mine. Sad, but cool.
Replica of wall drawings by Todd. Look out for the Smoke Monster.

The swan 7 layer bean dip. The black and white is sour cream and chopped olives. Wow!!
The Dharma logo stuff we brought, although be the end there was also Dharma beer that was really Root Beer and other various snacks.
The Dharma cookies that I did. I was proud of them until those other Dharma cookies showed up. Oh well it was fun to be creative and have fun with the show. We'll see what next season brings.
So at the beginning of the Season of Lost this year we went to a party at our friend Todd's house to enjoy the show together. We took a 7 layer bean dip that was shaped like the island and everyone loved it. Nobody else really did a Lost themed snack. Well not so this time. Everyone brought stuff with Dharma logos and other such stuff. It was really fun to see what everyone came up with. We had a fun night.

Gideon's New Suit

This post is for Grandma Jones. Gideon loves the new suit that you sent to him for his birthday. I thought you would like to see how it looks on him. He loves the green shirt.