Thursday, July 28, 2011


So I got to have a sister party the 2nd weekend in July. Sharon was already out here visiting LeAnn and me. We talked Evelyn into driving to Colorado on her way to Utah to see the 3 of us. I realized about a week before this all happened that all of us sisters would be together but one. I decided to call Juleen and see if I could convince her to come out too. It didn't take too much convincing on her part. She bought a one way ticket thinking that Evelyn could drive her back to Utah and hoping that her van wouldn't be too full. I had a week to keep it under my hat and not spill the beans.
I picked Juleen up at the airport and on the way home I got a phone call from Sharon to see where I was and then from LeAnn to discuss menus. Juleen tried hard not to giggle too loudly in the seat next to me. We got to my house and enjoyed Sharon's shock. We discussed almost the whole drive to LeAnn's how we were going to spring the surprise of Juleen being there. We ended up having her hide by the side of the house and jump out. We stayed up late just talking and enjoying each others' company. Eric made us a delicious late night snack of mozzarella on toasted bread with tomato and basil. Then in the morning we woke up and had a yummy berry casserole and got ready. We left all the kids in the charge of Eli and Natalia and had a sisters lunch and pedicure. Then we went shopping together and bought new hair accessories(especially for Sharon's new do) and got delicious frozen yogurt. We went back to LeAnn's to find a relatively clean house and happy kids. We played games and really had just an all around fabulous day! Saturday we went to a charity called Savannah's Race and celebrated Rushmore's birthday because he turned 2! Evelyn and Juleen stayed at my house and Sharon went back to LeAnn's. On Sunday LeAnn and Sharon surprised us by coming back to play games. We had a great time playing Liebrary, which is a lot like balderdash. We laughed so stinking hard. It really was one of the best weekends I have had in years. I love my sisters so much and I am so grateful to Ellie and Natalia for being good sports and keeping the kids for us the whole day. They even did the little girls hair and makeup and had them put on a fashion show. What cutie pies.

Before and after shots for Friday morning. We clean up pretty good.

Auntie Sharon

Go Gideon Go!

Auntie Sharon being silly with Larke.
So we did some fun things while Sharon was at my house. We took the kids to Skate City as you see above. We had the 4th of July which I already posted about. She watched our kids so that Matt and I could have an overnight to ourselves for our 9th Anniversary. By the way, I love you, love you, love you still and more everyday Matt! We played Lost Cities, taking turns losing. Although Sharon beat me a sound 10 times before I ever won a hand. We did a Zumba class with my 1 laurel that showed up that night. We watched the first 3 Terminator movies in the basement so Sharon could see them edited, thanks to Matt. Most of all we talked and enjoyed each others company. I wish Sharon lived closer and we could play more often.

Happy 4th

I love the 4th of July. It is right up there with Christmas for me. I love the food and the fireworks that come with this holiday. I love dressing my kids and myself in red, white and blue. I love that my sister LeAnn and her family always comes out here to enjoy the fireworks with us. This year was an extra special 4th because we also got to have my sister Sharon here. She got to stay for a whole week and a half. Now I was not feeling my best this 4th, but it was still a good day and wonderful to have my sisters there.

I had to put in a real picture of Matt so that I had proof that he didn't look like a Terminator the whole night.

Me and my honey! He is so handsome and ironic, Terminator with a Michael Jackson glove. Where does he get this stuff, I don't know, but I am glad he does. He sure does make life fun.
Sharon and Me! Love her to pieces!
The kids playing while we wait.
Rushmore really enjoyed the fireworks this year. He was so cute. He would point at them and say "red light, blue light" etc. It would have been perfect if I'd have just been feeling better. Oh well, there is always next year.


Gideon got his Bobcat on the last day of June. He was so excited to earn his first merit badge. Thanks to his leaders for all their help.

Cabin with the Porters

So our friends the Porters invited us to come do an overnight with them at their family cabin. We had a great time. The kids loved the exploring, hiking, and leaping over the little creek. We also got to make smores. They loved the swing in the main room and we had to put a limit on how high they could push each other. Our kids love Cadence and Keegan both, but especially Keegan because we watched him for a few months when he was still 1.
Trying to fix the chainsaw

We have really appreciated the friendship that we have been able to share with the Porters. It is hard sometimes to find a couple that we all get along together and we have been able to have that with the Porters. Matt and Matt get to play video games together. Jeanette and I get to scrapbook and discuss Young Women stuff. But also when we all talk together it is also fun. They recently decided to move away to New York. We are going to miss them and hope we will be able to keep in touch. We hope they know that they are loved and appreciated.

Dancing Fools

I got to have the unique experience of volunteering to be with the kids during the 2nd show. Eden was in the earlier show and Larke was in the evening show. Larke and I watched Eden's performance. She did great! Eden then came back with me to hang out with the kids. My friend Brittney was so nice to let Eden sit with her for at least half the show so she could watch the dances. I got to go watch Larke dance backstage. Her favorite part was when she got to lead the group in a big circle around the stage. They both did a terrific job.

Flash and Color

We had our 2nd annual photo shoot with the girls in their dance outfits. This year we did the pictures right before the dress rehearsal. Rush could not be kept away. He is so funny. He wants to be part of everything.

This is my favorite of Eden. She looks so saucy, just like her outfit.

This is my favorite one of Larke. She looks sweet and devious at the same time. I had to take the picture below because I loved the ruffle bottom of her outfit. So cute.