Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rush looking cute!

Rush has started laughing. It is so much fun to hear him giggle. Matt loves putting him in these Batman pajamas which are size 24 months, but he can't help himself. Don't you just want to kiss those fat cheeks. I love this boy.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Larke brand new!
1 year old-so cute

2 years old- one of my most favorite pictures of Larke ever
Her new Hello Kitty slippers Blowing out the candles.
The cake

I can't believe Larke is 3. She still a very snuggly girl although she has discovered that playing with her sister Eden can be very fun. When she is good she is very sweet and kind. She does have a bit of a bullying problem and does not like sharing her toys. Who does right? I hope she grows out of the mean phase soon. She is too cute to be a bully. Larke is a ray of sunshine in my life and I'm grateful to have her in my life. She makes me smile, even when she is naughty, well most of the time. Happy Birthday big girl Larke-poo!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tiny Town

We went to Tiny Town last week with some ladies from Church. The kids had alot of fun. Gideon got to have his best friend Bryce with him too. It's such a fun place. I'm so glad that we went.


We are giving Karate a 2 week trial. I don't think that we can afford it, but it is alot of fun. The kids are so cute and Matt looks very handsome in the uniform. We all got free uniforms and a few free lessons. I really wish we could do it. I really like it. Maybe I need to sign up for kick-boxing or something. The kids are really cute in the uniforms.

Photo Shoot

Man I love this girl. She sucks on her bottom lip as she strokes her ducky blanket, and then she looks up at me with those big blue eyes and I'm gone. This particular photo shoot with Larke was trying to get her excited about using the potty. She has been doing very well going potty. The last 2 days she has had an accident each day, but that was because of inattention from Mom and Dad not her fault. But for the most part she has been pretty accident free and she can now pee on demand, which is good for going places. I can't believe my little Larke is almost 3. She makes me smile and she knows it. She can be very naughty. Like this morning she poured salt all over my table and she loves fighting with Eden. She is in other words a toddler. I'm going to miss her when she grows up. I'm going to miss the whole ducky bottom lip thing. I'm going to miss how she says I love you and how she runs. I'm going to miss her sitting on my lap and her contagious smile. I love how she and Eden both get very concerned when one member of the family goes somewhere. They like it when everyone is together. Anyway I will end with what I began with, I love this girl.

The Many Faces of Rushmore

Rushmore is two months old tomorrow. He is more than 12 lbs and about 23 inches long. I will have more precise stats after I take him for his 2 month check up, this is the best I could do with Eden holding him on the scale and a ruler. He has slept a 9 hr stretch at night for the last 5 nights (knock on wood) and hopefully he will continue because he is getting too big for his bassinet. We have been worried about him waking up Gideon at night so we haven't moved him to the crib yet. Maybe we'll try tonight. He is smiling more everyday. He loves being held, especially be Mom. He loves his pacifier which is a blessing and a curse. Matt says he cries alot which I suppose he does sometimes, but I think he is a fairly average baby when it comes to crankiness. He is not overwhelmingly happy or sad. He does spit up more than the other kids have, but nothing too bad. I love seeing the other kids with him. Larke shares her ducky, Eden sings to him and Gideon feeds him bottles of pumped milk and holds him when I need two hands. They are good helpers. We have some crazy days, with Larke potty training and Rush needing to nurse along with all the other stuff I have to do it can be hard to balance everything. My house is not very clean now a days and we often eat dinner at 7. Oh well we will find our groove again, right. Plus he's worth the chaos.