Thursday, April 22, 2010


So over the last day I have done about 7 new posts. If you are interested look below. If you don't have the time to look at all of them I'm very sorry for you, because there are so many cute pictures.

Gideon Turns 7

Ben 10 Amatrix Cake.
Jedi cape made my Grandma Christenson.
Gideon bowling for his birthday.Spencer and Gideon chowing down on Popcorn in-between turns.My sister LeAnn with Rushmore. I realized that I don't have very many pictures of LeAnn. Sad!
Poor Rushmore. All he wanted was for me to hold him.

The girls watching the ball .

So Gideon wanted to go bowling for his birthday. His cousins came to go bowling with us and we had a great time. LeAnn won. We bowled for 1 and 1/2 hours with 7 people and one lane and finished only one game. I let the girls pretty much bowl on their own and they were so slow. I'd watch as the ball would take two minutes to roll down the lane. For those of you who haven't been bowling in the last 10 years they have started measuring how many mph the ball goes down the lane. For a very large majority of the game we were under 2 mph down the lane thus the almost 2 hrs for 1 game of bowling. Gideon was so funny. He would kind of run up to the lane and try to let the ball fly. It would bounce with a loud clunk and start it's slow journey to the pins. It was a little expensive, but I think we all enjoyed it and I wanted his birthday to be special.

Gideon has 4 loose teeth right now. He is reading very well. He amazes me sometimes with the words he figures out. He loves his siblings. He is still my biggest helper. He loves video games, especially when he gets to play with his Dad. Eden is his biggest fan and tells me daily that he is the handsomest and that she wishes he weren't her brother so she could marry "The Handsome" which is her newest nickname for Gideon. We love him dearly. He is such a good big brother.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Seersucker Boys

Matt has always liked to dress with a little more flair. When I first met him he wore a bowtie almost every Sunday. He doesn't wear the bowtie as much anymore, but he loves to have nice socks, french cuffed shirts and cufflinks whenever possible. A few years ago he bought a Seersucker Suit to wear to church. I think that he looks very handsome in it, but he has recieved enough ribbing from others that he doesn't wear it that often. Last week I found a seersucker suit for Rushmore on sale at Target. If they would have had Gideon's size I would have gotten him one as well. So Matt and Rush were twins for church on Sunday in their seersucker suits. I thought they were so handsome I had to get a picture of them together.

Happy Easter!!!

I always have to do an egg that says He is Risen for my Dad and Matt always has to come up with the most irreverent egg he can think of. This year that was an Alien egg. I admit it came out kind-of cool, but still very irreverent.
The kids having a picnic on Easter and Sugar coming over to say Hello.
Our attempt at an Easter picture.
I have so many pictures of the girls in this pose. Hugging because they love new clothes.
Eden with one of her Easter treasures.Gideon with his 1st real nerf gun. What was I thinking putting it in an Easter basket you say? I'm not quite sure.
Larke just exclaimed looking at this picture "Look it's my Share Bear". Yup, it is!
Larke at the Ward Easter Egg Hunt. Below:

We had a quite Easter at home this year. Yummy ham and General Conference. An excellent combination. It was a beautiful session of conference. A wonderful way to spend Easter. So many wonderful witnesses of our Savior and his role in our lives.

Impromptu Photo Shoot with Rushmore

About a month ago Rushmore was sitting on the floor playing with this hat. He was being so cute I had to snag my camera and get some pictures of him. He has been such a happy boy. I'm so glad that he is part of our family. He makes me smile alot. Last night he was up and all the rest of the kids were in bed. Matt was holding him and they were just giggling and laughing, it was so irresistable. I just had to laugh with them. Matt made the comment of how he wished that Rushmore could remember the times of laughter as a baby. Wouldn't that be nice?

Eden turns 5!!

Painting her book from Grandma Jones.
Eden got 3 pair of dress-up shoes for her birthday. The girls sporting all of them.
Eden sporting her birthday clothes.
I think she likes the blanket I made her just a little bit.
Blowing out the candles. I think it took her 5 blows.
At her party.

I love this picture of Eden with her cousin Lolo. They have really started to love each other this past year. This is the only picture I have where you can kind of see the egg garland Aunt M'Recia made for Eden's Egg Birthday Party. It turned out so cute. Thanks M'Recia!
I even made an egg shaped cake for Eden's party. I think it turned out cute.
These were the invitations that M'Recia also helped me come up with. I'm so glad M'Recia and Brent came for a visit. M'Recia was so helpful and helped me plan the whole party.Eden decorated the outside of the invites with stickers.
This was the 1st birthday party that I have thrown for Eden. It was probably alot more fun to plan than to actually execute, but Eden loved it. It was the perfect time of year to do an egg party because all the Easter stuff was on sale. Eden did actually choose to do an egg party over a princess or butterfly themed party. Who knew? We made shrinky dink egg necklaces and had an egg hunt. I hope everyone had a good time. Then Eden got to have her cousin Lolo spend the night which she loved.
I have such a hard time believing Eden is 5. She is such a funny, dramatic, little girl. She is either loving on everyone and there are rainbows everywhere or her life is over and nothing good ever happens to her. The other day she told me that she didn't want to be Eden anymore. She said that she wanted to change her name to Rainbow because Eden just wasn't pretty enough. I told her basically, tough nuts, I love the name Eden and I would never call her anything else and that she could pretend to be Rainbow but that I would never change her name to that. In the same week she cried for 45 minutes because she didn't like how I did her hair that day. It just was not up to her standard of pretty. She has been saying recently that she wants to have 10 kids. I wonder if that will happen. It is so exciting to see her become Eden.

Sharon Comes for a Visit

At the end of February-beginning of March my sister Sharon came for a visit. We had a lot of fun going to the Zoo, the Children's Museum, and playing together. We got to celebrate Eliza's birthday while they were here. We made the girls birthday crowns at the Children's Museum and ate my Mom's delicious Black Bottom Cupcakes(yum). The weather decided to be nice while Sharon, Eliza and Camille were here and so the kids were wanting to play outside alot. One huge problem with that was our big sheet of ice that covered where the shadow of our house refused to let it melt. Sharon and I spent quite a bit of time breaking up the ice-sheet with a chisel and a hatchet. It was actually pretty fun and satisfying, even if it was like getting a cold shower on your face every two seconds. The one major downside of our visit was Larke and Eliza. Their favorite thing to do was torture each other. Hopefully next time we get them together it will all be rainbows and sunshine.