Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh Boy, or rather Oh Girl

Poor Ducky
I'm actually impressed with the job she did on her lips, pretty good for a two year old.

Yesterday as I was cleaning up the kitchen I was shocked to see Larke walking up to me looking as she did in the first picture. At first I thought that she had gotten into my stamp pads, but then I noticed that she smelled like make-up. I threw her into the sink and went looking for the mess. I walked all over the house, thinking that she had gotten into my make-up bag upstairs. She had not, so I went back downstairs. I noticed my purse on the floor. Ah-ha! That was it, so it was actually my fault for leaving my purse within reach. Surprisingly she got all the mess on herself, her ducky blanket and her lamby toy. Thank goodness. It would of been beastly to get out of the carpet. I knew that I had to take pictures so that I could look back and laugh about it someday, which will be much easier to do since it was fairly easy to clean up.
Actually shortly before I started this post Larke pulled down a 4 lb. bucket of chicken boullion onto herself spilling half of it onto the floor. What am I going to do with this 2 year old? She is nothing but trouble. I am so glad that she is so cute.

Popcorn and Swedish Pancakes

One of my kids favorite snacks, as many other kids, is popcorn. I love popcorn. Buttery, salty popcorn. It brings me joy. I also feel joy in seeing that my children also love popcorn. Also my children love swedish pancakes, which is a lifetime favorite of mine. I have so many childhood memories of my Mom making us popcorn and swedish pancakes. The popcorn was always popped in a pan and served in a brown paper grocery bag because there exists no bowl big enough to hold enough popcorn for our family of eleven. The swedish pancakes were always with butter and sugar, which is still my favorite way to eat them. It warms my heart just a little to see Gideon choose to eat them the same way. Now we just need to convert Matt.

Blow out the Candle

Larke was so afraid of the lit candle. She did not want to be near it.
Larke wanting to be saved from the scary candle.
However, once the candle was blown out by Matt she wouldn't let it go.
She even used it as a spoon.

So the day after Larke's birthday we had ice cream, cookies, and strawberries to celebrate, and have Larke blow out the candle. Larke had a love/hate relationship with the candle. It was fun.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Larke's 2nd Birthday

Can There Be Anything Cuter Than This?

Absolutely love this picture!
I bought this chicken outfit thinking it would work for either Eden or Larke. As soon as I had Larke put it on I knew that it had to be hers.

Dress Up

Buzz and Zurg
Buzz, To Infinity and Beyond

Bock, Bock

My kids love to play dress up. I bought a couple of different costumes for Halloween and they had so much fun dressing up with them. They each had to try on the different outfits.

Monday, September 15, 2008


So I talked to my sister Evelyn last night for about 4 hours. Something she said to me at the end of our conversation at 1:30am, was really profound. She said that life is an adventure and we can look at every task we do as a little adventure. I've decided that I need to take more time to enjoy the adventure of life. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in life and forget to make it fun. Having 3 kids and being a stay at home Mom can be somewhat draining. On days when I tired of cleaning the same mess I cleaned up yesterday and every other day for the last 5 1/2 years, I hope I can remember that life is an adventure and make it more fun for myself and my children. Thanks Ev for the long talk! I love you!

Fun with Grandpa and Grandma Christenson

Larke and Eliza were fighting over Grandpa, but they made a good compromise.
I love the looks on both the girls faces in this picture. So cute!
Lauren taking Larke down the slide.
Eden was being so brave going down all by herself.
Larke pretending to be brave and changing her mind.
Gideon and Spencer spent the whole time dunking each other. I unfortunately didn't get a picture of if, but they were so fun to watch.
My parents and my sister Sharon came for my nephew Spencer's baptism at the end of August. We all went swimming together. The kids loved playing with each other and Grandma and Grandpa. Larke and Eliza couldn't get enough of fighting over Grandpa.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is Us

Cousins--Alec, Dallin, Chelise, Eden, Gideon, and Larke
The Jones Family

We haven't had a Jones Family Picture for forever so we all finally decided to buckle down and take a family picture. I think that it turned out well.

The Jones Family Reunion

M'Recia and Melissa, Sisters and Best Friends
Fun with the Wii
Hot Tubbing was the best, the kids loved it and so did we.
Closing up Marc and Matt in the Hot Tub.
Gideon having fun at the Reservoir.
Eden having fun with Grandpa and Indy.
Larke on the beach.
Dallin and Gideon making faces.
Popsicles, yum.

Gideon and Chelise dressing up Dallin as Spider-man.
Beautiful Hike
The Jones Family hiking together.
Eden being cute on our hike.
Larke all messy and happy in the sand.

As you can see we had alot of fun playing with grandparents and cousins. We can't wait til we can do it again.

All Aboard!

Don't the kids look happy to be here!
Really big ugly scary spider! There were tons walking to and on the boat.
Gideon looking brave on the boat all on his own.
Eden pretending that she is going to take a nap.

When we went to visit our families this summer we got to go sailing with Matt's parents. It was alot of fun. Matt was afraid that I would be sea sick, but I think I did pretty good. The kids were somewhat restless, but on the whole I thought that it was a grand adventure.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

1st Day of Kindergarden

Gideon started Kindergarden August 25th. I can' t believe it. He really likes his teacher. He enjoys everything about school and all the other students in his class. His favorite game they play at school is Zap! and today he won. He was also student of the day today and came home with an awesome hat. He really likes his partner even though she is a girl. He finally learned that her name is Alicia today even though she has been his partner for atleast a week. He says he loves learning. It is fun to see him grow up, but Eden really misses him while he is gone.