Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ever Since

This has been the scene at my house ever since Eden's birthday a week ago. I know it looks blissful, but don't be deceived. These shots are taken in-between periods of screaming and weeping over who's turn it is to dance with the barbie while she sings the same two songs over and over and over and over and over again. She is already sounding very drained in the battery department. Eden has done a pretty good job sharing with Larke, Larke however is not quite as nice about sharing them back again. There have been a few instances when the girls have danced together with the Barbie, but for some reason I didn't get a picture of it. Poor Larke has had a terrible time with this birthday. I have tried to appease her with other things but she wants Eden's things. It is slowly getting better and thankfully Larke still takes naps so I get a reprieve from the screaming for a couple of hours.

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid!

This is what the girls did 85% of the time that we were at Chuck E. Cheese.
Spencer not enjoying the carousel ride that Gideon wanted to do. He was nice to ride with Gideon even though he felt like he was too grown up for it.Gideon obviously enjoying the ride much more than his cousin.
If you are interested in taking your kids to Chuck E Cheese please go to the website first and put in your e-mail and have them send you coupons. For the first time you get a coupon you get 100 tokens for $10.00. For this trip we got 120 tokens for $10.00 because we got an extra 20 tokens for Eden's birthday. The kids had so much fun and they got to do something special for relatively cheap. The girls spent the whole time riding in the princess carriage. I have no idea what Gideon and Spencer were up to because they ran off to play and only found me when they needed more tokens. I had to do the basketball and skeeball and the new Deal or No Deal Game. We got home too late, but everyone had a really good time.

Eden's 4th Birthday

Eden at 3. She used to wear that McDonald's Sleeping Beauty crown everywhere.
Eden sleeping in her Christmas present from her Grandma Jones when she was 2. Eden at a year old. I love her eyes in this picture. She loved dressing up in Gideon's play clothes at a very young age. Obviously.
Eden as a day old. She was such a wonderful baby. Easy-going and very happy. Her most prized birthday present. A singing Diamond Castle barbie.When Eden first started opening her presents she was wearing this veil. I thought it made a fun picture when she opened the bride doll that her Grandma Christenson sent to her.Eden putting on her Fancy Nancy hat for me. Adorable!Eden is very in stuffed animals right now. She takes her treasures with her everywhere. She lucked out by getting a soft brown dog from us and a soft cat from Grandma Christenson and she got a black and white spotted dog from her friend McKenzie today that she named Chocolate chip.
Singing Happy BIrthday. She got really mad at Matt because he sang To E-de-de and she doesn't like that very much. She says that that is her baby name and that she is a grown up girl.

We had a good day. My sister LeAnn brought her kids Spencer and Lauren over to spend the afternoon. They always have a lot of fun together. She loved all of her presents and enjoyed getting to spend her evening feeling very loved. She got a package form her Grandma Jones that included some very cute pink lensed sun glasses, a My Little Pony that came with a movie about dancing shoes and some very adorable dancing slippers that she loves. Thanks to everyone that helped make her to feel loved.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Matt's decorated flower cookie. He was so proud of it.
Matt showing off his cookie.While we waited for it all to start, I took pictures of my family. I love that Larke has the basket handle in her mouth.

This was our Ward activity on the 21st of March. The Easter Egg Hunt was a little early this year. I got out the skirts I made for the girls so that they could be eastery. We all had alot of fun finding eggs, eating the goodies, and frosting and eating yummy sugar cookies.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Disney on Ice

Dash skating with Buzz at Space-Mountain.
Mr. Incredible beating up a crocodile.

Gideon and LeAnn watching the show.

Dash skating with Buzz again.

The Parr family riding on the train.
Cinderella riding in her carriage in the parade.
Minnie in the parade.

Frozone was one of Gideon's favorite parts of the show.
Gideon and Larkie during the intermission.
Eden and Lauren during the intermission.

Spencer during the intermission.
Ellie asking for more candy and Cheri. Thanks for coming with us and helping me so much.

Pirates!! Arrggggggg!
Syndrome capturing Minnie and Mickey.

Larke enjoying some licorice. She was pretty enthralled with the show the whole time.

We had so much fun last night at Disney on Ice. The kids all had a great time and really got into the show. They had a couple of audience participation things with saving Mickey and Minnie and that was probably Gideon's favorite part along with Frozone. Eden enjoyed the whole thing and wanted to take Minnie and Mickey home in the car with us and to dream about them. She was a little disappointed that there weren't more princesses. Larke watched the whole time and only occasionally at the end tried to escape her seat. She even clapped at all the right times. Everyone was cheerful and we never lost anyone which was my biggest fear of the evening. It didn't even take that long to get out of the parking lot which was another worry. I could not have done it without my friend Cheri who accompanied me in place of a working husband. It was so much fun to have LeAnn and her kids there. I hope that we get to do it again sometime. As I am doing this post I am realizing that I never got a picture of the Incredibles in their outfits. I have no idea how this happened and hope that the kids don't notice.

Skate City

Eden being brave!

All three in the same picture, it was really hard to do.

Larke having her snack.

The other kids having a snack.

Gideon jamming out to the music. I can't remember what song was playing, but apparently it was awesome.

Eden still being brave.

Larke with her favorite instructor. Thanks Mary for skating with her!

So yesterday I took the kids skating for the first time. Thanks Lisa for inviting us. They all had a really good time. Larke however did have quite a rough start. She went out there fine but she must have fallen down or gotten scared because she started heading for the exit. I went out to get her. I walked her around for a little bit and the instructors kept coming up and inviting her to skate with them. Mary took her hand and then tried to help her skate all by herself. Larke fell and this time she landed on her face. She bit her lip and bled a little. We tried to put some ice on it, but she just wanted to go back and skate. So I cleaned her up, had them tighten her wheels and took her back out there. Again all of the instructors attempted to draw her away from me. The only one that succeeded was Mary. Larke skated the whole rest of the time we were there. Gideon and Eden both had a lot of fun with Lisa's kids and just discovering the world of clumsy maneuvering.