Sunday, November 7, 2010


So this is my last post. I think it is #5 today so if you are interested in the others you can keep going down. First, I celebrated my 32nd birthday on Thursday. I liked 32. It was a great day. I got to go to the park with the kids, have lunch at a friends house, watch Eden at dance, and spend the afternoon and evening with my family. Friday Matt stayed home with the kids and I got to have fun with LeAnn whose birthday is a week before mine. We had lunch, got pedicures and did a little shopping. I love this tradition. It is the best part of getting older.
Rush decided that he likes Snoopy so I had to post pictures of him loving on Snoopy for Joy. I hope you like them.
Eden had her 50th day of school on Friday. That had a 50's party and the Bigelows let us borrow an adorable poodle skirt. I thought she looked so cute.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I know I'm a week late posting this, but I just cannot get caught up. I've been updating this blog already for going on 3 hours, but I really wanted to get it done today. Rush is unequivically the cutest Ninja Turtle I've ever seen. His shell bounced every where with every step. He happily kept his hat, gloves, and mask on for several different events. All the kids were so much fun. We've been dressing up together for 3 Halloweens now and have decides that this is the way we want to celebrate Halloween. I was able to find the base costume for the 3 older kids. I made them all a mask, gloves, belt and hat for their costumes. Rush's costume I had to add a felt chest and ties to the arms and legs. Matt made his Shredder costume, except that I sewed his cape. He did such a good job, but was disappointed when people thought that he was Darth Vader. All in all a very fun Halloween and if you have any group ideas for next year let me know.

Visiting Evy

The best part about going to Dallas was being close enough to visit my sister Evelyn and her family. They live in a little town called Glen Rose about 1 hr and a half away from Dallas. We had a great time visiting with them. I got to be an aunt to my 4 neices Natalia, Alexandra, Isabella, and Makenna and my step-nephew Jack (who is totally awesome) without my own kids needing my attention. That was probably my favorite part. Makenna loved going back and forth between Matt and I saying which was the favorite of the minute. Most of those minutes, I'm happy to say, I had the favorite status. I loved getting to tuck them in and just plain getting to be with them in their own home. My brother in law Scott works at a place called Fossil Rim. It is the coolest place. He drove us around the free range animal preserve in a zebra jeep. We fed all kinds of animals. I fed the ostriches and emus out of the cup and giraffes right out of my hand (my favorite part, it was so awesome, yet slimy). The rest of the animals we fed by throwing the food on the ground because they would bite. We learned that girl rhinos are so cantancerous that they need a decoy boy rhino in a separate area to get the other boy rhino to reproduce with the ladies. We learned that Emu eggshells are the same color as their beautiful neck feathers. Giraffes muzzles are soft, their tongues are slimy and the bottom half is purple but the top half is pink. We learned that male giraffes have darker spots and we saw the male kick a deer in the antlers to get the deer away from the food. (that was cool) We also learned that all the cheetahs in American zoos can be traced back to the Fossil Rim animal preserve. We also got to race two cheetahs in our jeep. Of course we were separated by a fence and the jeep only got up to about 35 mph. We felt like we were on a Safari. It was so much fun. My biggest thanks to Ev and Scott for having us and to the kids for loving us. It was a great time and we can't wait to visit again.

Matt and I on the 50 yard star of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium
Taking a tour of the stadium. Learned that it is the largest stadium in the world at 3 million square feet at least I'm pretty sure that is what they said. They told us how they have the biggest doors in the world and how they open and if they open wrong they can break the whole building. We got to sit in a cushy room that people can lease and also tour where the press sits.
Checking out how tall Matt is in Yards.Our business trip logo spinning up on the biggest LCD screen in the world.
Matt and Todd giving a very serious review of the business meeting.
We did a self guided tour of the locker room and got yelled at for standing on the locker bench for a picture. Apparently each locker area is worth $10,000. So crazy. We also went to the cheerleaders' locker room but I purposely did not take a picture of it. Each locker has a 4ft picture of the cheerleader that uses it and every other available space is pink or a mirror.
Matt and I together on the side jumbo tron. I wanted him to act like he was proposing, but that didn't happen. Instead he was eating dibs.Our friends Todd and Cheri on the jumbo tron.
Besides all these pictures we have video of all of us attempting to punt, kick a field goal, catch and throw to the end zone and sometimes succeeding. It was definitely a fun place to have a business meeting. They had a small marching band, posted the colors, had a 6-8 year old girl with a big voice sing us the National Anthem and had group leaders to rile us up in shouting matches. Then they talked to us for about an hour about how the company was doing and different achievements parts of the company have had this past year. These Scitor business meetings are the best business meetings I've been too. They are fun, informative, and they get you all proud that in my case my husband works there. It is a great company and we are both so grateful for the 7 years we have had with them so far. We are already looking forward to Orlando next year and are trying to find someway to take the kids to Disneyworld beforehand.
We've never taken them and have wanted to for atleast a few years now.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Updates on the Shed

This is mostly for Matt's parents so they can see how far we have come since they came to help. Yesterday we finished the outside of the shed except for the trim around the window and putting in an outdoor outlet, also I guess we still need to do the handle on the door. We have however completely finished the electrical wiring for the inside and reburied our trench. The sprinklers are also moved and the trim and drip edge are all put in. The root that Matt is sporting in the last picture is a root I came across while digging the trench to move the sprinkler away from the back corner of the yard. The ground in that area is infested with the roots of our neighbors aspen tree which likes to send seedlings into our yard. Urrg! That was by far the most beastly root we came across. It probably took a combined a good 20 minutes hatcheting, sawing, and cursing at it to cut out the section he is holding up. I'm so glad that we have been able to get so much of it done. We've really had a hard time finding the time to work on it, but I know we have done our best to do so and I am so happy with the results. It is going to be such a useful space.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Ducky Girl is 4 Years Old

All Larke would say she wanted was a ducky. She wanted also a ducky cake. The cake did not turn out as cute as I wanted, but she still loved it. Her favorite gifts were the sleeping bag, (which she has slept with every night since) totally awesome beads I got at Target and 6 little Hello Kitty figures and of course the Littlest Pet Shop ducky I found. I think she really enjoyed her day. We went to the Children's Museum in the morning and had a calm afternoon. I think the hardest part for her was waiting to open presents. She has been sharing her presents very nicely which has made it much more pleasant. I can't believe she is already 4. Larke still loves to snuggle. She loves sitting on laps, she always has. She obviously still loves her ducky. She talks more and more all the time, but she just doesn't seem to as interested in talking as my other kids have been. I love her so much. She is such a delight most of the time. She definitely has her moments of tantrums and being mean to her siblings, but for the most part she makes our days great.