Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It'sa Us The Mario Family

The only picture I got of Rushmore with the mustache on. So glad we took it when we did.
Larke wanted to be a kitty cat for Preschool.
Halloween was fun this year. We debated about whether to do the chipmunks and chipettes or Mario. Mario seemed more feasible so that is what we did. I was Waluigi, Matt was Wario, Gideon was Mario, Eden was Princess Peach, Larke was Princess Daisy and Rushmore was Baby Luigi. It is one of our favorite family traditions to dress up as a family for Halloween. I don't know if anything can beat the turtles of last year, but Mario was awesome too. I learned that wearing a fake mustache is itchy and sweaty. It took some time to talk Larke into the wig, but once she got over it she thought it was pretty fun. Making hats is harder than sewing overalls, just in case you were wondering. If you have any suggestions for next year let me know.

Signs of Love

These are the signs the kids made for us at the airport. They worked really hard on them and I wanted to be able to remember how much they love us and how excited they were to see us.


In early October Matt and I got to go on our last Scitor trip as far as we know. We spent an extra 4 days together. It was an awesome get away just because we were together. It was so nice just to have each other to please. We were reminded again that we do really like each other and that we are the most important people in each other's lives.

The Tree of Life at the Animal Kingdom. This tree is huge and covered with carvings of different animals. We were awestruck.
It was pouring buckets the day we went to Universal Studios. We thought this picture would be so ironic.
I thought standing in a coke bottle would be a good photo op. I was shocked when it actually started spraying water on me. I didn't need to get any more wet that day.
This is Rickshaw Falls at Universal's Islands of Adventure. So fun!
Our favorite roller coaster of the Trip. The Hulk! It was a crazy ride.

Gotta have a Spidey picture!
Me with my favorite X-Man, Rogue.
Cyclops was the most fun. He was just a funny guy. We told him that he was better than Wolverine and he couldn't wait to tell Wolverine about it.
Indiana Jones Stunt Show

Our last 2 days at the parks were the best. Our favorite park was Universal's Islands of Adventure. Totally worth a stop if you are going to Orlando. Awesome roller coasters, Hogwarts, Super Heroes galore and tons of fun. The last day we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. The stunt shows were awesome. We did the Star Tours ride 3 times. Oh and we ran into our old babysitter Brandi at the Beauty and the Beast show. She was there with the husband on their honeymoon. It was very unexpected and fun to see them.
It was nice to know that our kids were so well taken care of. It was nice to know they missed us and that they were happy to have us home. Jessica brought them into the airport to meet us. They made us welcome home signs. They jumped up and down when they saw us and rained us with hugs and kisses. It was such a nice way to come home.

Trampoline Nap

This is I believe the 2nd time we have found Rush asleep on the Trampoline! He just loves jumping on it and apparently wearing himself out so much he can just plop right down and sleep. So cute!