Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twirly Dresses

Look at my beautiful Mom!!
My Mom helped me make a couple of twirly dresses for my girls. Thanks Mom you are the best and the girls love them.

Rush's Special Day

Notice the new glasses. I call them my Iron-Man glasses.
This is all of the family that came. Thanks Mom and Dad and LeAnn and family for coming.Awwww...isn't he sweet.
Rush in his sweet blessing outfit. He looks so cute.
It was a special day.

1st Day of First Grade

Gideon started 1st grade last Wednesday. I can't believe he is in first grade, he is getting so big. He's getting so tall and thin. We are very proud of him.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What do you think?


So everyone has been asking me who Rush looks like. So now you have a way to compare all the kids as babies. He has a little bit of us all. One minute I swear he looks just like Eden and the next minute he'll make a Larke or Gideon face. I do probably most of the time think that he looks the most like Eden and Matt. Rush is his own little person and we all love him. He has finally learned to enjoy the swing. Hooray!!! He has started to smile. I'm trying to get a good picture of that still. He loves being snuggled or up on my shoulder. We are still trying to figure out a schedule. I hope that happens soon because Gideon starts school tomorrow and my life is going to become alot more structured.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

For Grandmas

This is Rush on 8/11, two days past one month old.
Rush crying!

Rush pouting!
Gideon being silly!
Looking like a big boy!
We are doing pretty good. Rush slept 7 hours in a row last night, hopefully it will last.Larke has been getting mad at me the last couple of days when I call Rush, Rushmore. She yells out "No, he's not Rushmore, he's baby Rush."