Thursday, October 8, 2009

So for Matt's birthday in January of 2008 I got Matt nothing but a friend for the weekend and matching Halo t-shirts for both Matt and Derek. They did nothing but play all weekend and he said it was the best birthday ever. So anyway Jen just recently came out to visit and we spent most to the weekend in our husbands Halo shirts as a joke. We played alittle Rock Band and other various games and got pedicures and did alot of talking. It was so much fun to see my friend. I miss her. It was so fun to be reminded of why we are such good friends. I realized that part of it is that being Jen's friend is effortless. She feels more like a sister to me. I was sad to see her go home again but it was nice to know that we don't have to let our friendship go just because we live half a country away from each other. Some friends are worth the effort and Jen is definitely one of those friends. Thanks for coming and for being my friend! Hope to see you in Boston soon.