Thursday, April 30, 2009

Girls and Dolls

Before they were stuffed
Yummy!So thanks to my friend Rachel my girls have these adorable dolls. Rachel made one for her daughter and shared the pattern and I am so happy with how they turned out. Larke calls her doll her Larkie doll and sleeps with it and loves to carry it around. Eden isn't quite as attached to her doll but she still loves it. I really enjoyed making them matching dolls and matching skirts. It is fun to see them enjoy something I made for them which doesn't always happen. Happy Easter girls I hope you love your Larkie and Eden dolls for a long time.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Boy

Gideon with his buddy Bryce.Gideon's Spider-Man Cake

Gideon as Darth Vader
Opening presentsDarth and Bryce (Gideon's best friend) posing with the new light sabers.

Our Gideon Boy turned 6 last week. I can't believe we have a six year old. Time really does fly. I was always so annoyed when people would tell me how fast the time would go and that I should enjoy every second of seeing my baby grow. I would inwardly roll my eyes and say to myself it's taking so long for him to do anything when will he do fun stuff.

Well I guess I have to say that I was wrong. It does go fast. I've been able to enjoy my daughters growing up a little bit more because Gideon was always ahead of them and doing stuff. He is reading and writing really well and he is fun and helpful and a really good brother when he wants to be. His best friend is Bryce and it is always fun to have them play together. His favorite color is green. His favorite super hero is Spider-Man. He loves his family and he is glad to finally be six and to have two loose teeth.
We love you Gideon!! You are totally awesome!

Friday, April 17, 2009

This week's cards

These are the cards that I made this week for card group. I was really happy with how they turned out. So very boy. I think that it is hard to make a very boy card. I was really excited when I found this camouflage paper and everything. This card is dedicated to Jamie and her boys who love anything army. I hope you guys like it.

14 Layer Jello

Candice Vejnar made this jello for an Enrichment Activity like 3 or 4 years ago and I've always wanted to make it. So for Easter this year I did it. It turned out so pretty. It was alot of fun and work.

Easter Egg Hunt at LeAnn's

Everyone waiting to be able go find some Easter Eggs.
Larke eating all of her candy.Gideon finding an egg on the door knob.
Eden having fun finding eggs.
We spent Easter with my sister LeAnn and Her husband's Eric's family. The food was awesome. The company was awesome and the kids had a great time and so did I. Matt was unfortunately at home sick and we missed him.

Colored Eggs

Larke's Ducky Egg
Eden's Star Song Egg
Gideon's Eggs-Kryptonite Egg, Spider Man EggSpider Man and SupermanMatt's Joker Egg-I personally think that it is kind of creepy, but he is very proud of it.Matt's C3PO EggAgain Matt's Thumb Wars Egg, it's a very good likeness.
My beautiful copper egg. I like it. My C3PO, it looks awesome, Matt is so jealous.

We had alot of fun coloring eggs this year. Larke was asleep early because she had a fever so it was a little less stressful. I didn't take a picture of my favorite egg. Every year growing up my dad made a He Is Risen Egg. We always made fun of him growing up, but now I have to make one every single year. It is my favorite.

Lego Batman

The Joker and Two-Face

Mr. Freeze and Cat WomanBatman and Robin

Gideon drew this picture one day after he came home from school. He used the cover of the Lego Batman Game to draw the picture. I think he did a pretty awesome job. He drew Batman, Robin, Joker and Catwoman. He asked me to draw Two Face and Mr. Freeze because he was afraid he wouldn't have room on the paper. Then he colored it all by himself. I think Batman and Robin look especially awesome. Anyway he wanted me to blog about it so there you go.