Sunday, January 6, 2013

Little Larke Bird

I know, I know!  I am so late it is almost worth skipping everything and just moving forward.  But it was Larke's 6th Birthday and I couldn't skip that.  She is my Larkey-Poo and she is so important to me.
Larke and Eden before Larke's Birthday Party
All the kids being cute
That silly Rush!
My favorite people in a big group hug, I wish I were in that picture instead of taking it!
Larke's party was at the Hammond's Candy Factory.  It was so much fun.  We had a tour first.
Then the kids got to eat pizza and ice cream.  After that they got to make their own chocolate treats.
Larke really loved having her own party.  She was so cute.
Pretty Girl!

We took all the kids to Larkburger for Larke's birthday.  She didn't even want her hamburger.  Silly girl.
Pretty Princess dress from Grandma Jones.  She looks so grown up.
 What to say about Larke.  Well it has been a big year for Larke.  We found out that she had some hearing issues because of some fluid keeping her eardrums from being able to vibrate.  I have no idea how long it has been keeping her from being able to hear correctly, but my guess is a while.  We didn't know that she was having issues because she never complained about pain, but I had her checked out finally because she was saying "what, did you say" and "turn it up" a lot.  She can hear so much better now and she talks so much more.  She still surprises me every once in a while even though her surgery was over 6 months ago when she comes up and tells me a whole long story.  She is quite a good reader and often impresses me with the words she can read.  She loves Kindergarden and has learned a ton.  Her handwriting has improved greatly and she loves being around all her friends at school.  She still loves her ducky and for her birthday I made her ducky slippers and her Grandma Christenson made her ducky pajamas and a ducky robe.  She loves them all.  Larke still loves to snuggle and wrestle and she is just a delight most of the time.  We are working on spending less time whining, but she is getting there.  I love this girl and I wouldn't trade her for the whole world.