Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Larke

How could anyone not love you? You are such a sweetheart. You are still my snugly little girl. If you are not sitting on my lap, you are often sitting right next to me. Just like you are right now as I write this post, with your head leaning on my arm. Please remember your promise to not grow anymore. Please always stay my little girl, with your you sweet smile and contagious laugh. You still love your ducky and go get it every time we get home. Rushmore loves to take your toys and hit your head and pull your hair and you often just take it until I can come and rescue you. You love to play Starfall on the computer and love playing with your toys. You do not like writing, but we are working on it. You are very smart though. I often hear you sing songs very quietly. You surprise me sometimes when you tell me a story or just talk to me about what you are thinking about. You have just always been quieter than Eden and Gideon. The older you get though the more communicative you have gotten. You can still get shy especially with people outside the family.
You love your siblings. You love to do what they are doing. You love when they involve you. I have been laughing at you and Eden lately because you have created your own language and talk to each other in that language. You often ask Eden how to say different things in your secret language. You love jumping on the trampoline with Gideon especially. You also wrestle with Gideon which I always think is so funny. You sitting on him. Thank you for being so patient with Rushmore. Thank you for sharing with him and playing with him. Someday he will be a good friend to you too. Every once in a while he will find your ducky and bring it to you. You do have some good times together.

I just found out that you like Belle. You said one day that she was your favorite because she has a yellow dress. I enjoyed putting that into your Birthday. Thanks to Grandma Jones you get to have a Belle dress to play in all your own.

You guys were all so funny about the cake. Gideon saw the undressed barbie sticking out of the cake and said "Mom, are you sure that is very appropriate?" It was so funny because it wasn't appropriate and because he thought I would leave it like that. You were so concerned about what I was doing with your new barbie. You wanted to know if you were going to get it back and I had to explain several times what I was doing. I think you were happy with the result.
I love you my Larke girl. I miss you being my baby, but I love how you are now too. I know I will still love you and even more as you get older. I just don't know if I will ever stop missing having you as my little girl. You are a bright light in my day and I am so grateful for you.
Love You Always--


Larke started Preschool a week ago. She is having a great time and enjoying making some new friends. She has been a little confused as to why she hasn't gone to Kindergarden since she just turned 5, but she has a late birthday. I explained to her and she seems happy now. I really love the group I am doing it with. I get to have my 1st time teaching them next week and I am looking forward to it. I love this age. Kids are so interested in the world around them. Every time I take Larke to Preschool Rushmore needs a backpack too. He wears it the whole time til we pick her up again. It is pretty funny.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So Matt wanted to go to the opening of a new location of his favorite comic store around here. I was a little less then thrilled to go and almost left a couple minutes after we got there to take the girls grocery shopping. Everything was 50% off for the opening day and Matt was hoping to find a couple of specific things. We came across these peanuts figures in their Halloween costumes. At this store they were normally $52.00 but were on sale for $26.00. We watch the Great Pumpkin every year at Halloween time. I decided I really wanted to have them for decoration and so we got them. On the back of the box it shows a Snoopy house that goes with that make spooky noises that I thought would be a good addition. So when we got home we looked it up on e-bay. We found that we got a very good deal. Someone was selling the set for $100.00 and to get just the Snoopy house was $40.00. All this to say I am even more satisfied with my purchase, I do not need a Snoopy house and I look forward to years of Halloween and getting to put up our Peanut figurines.