Sunday, November 22, 2009


I love this picture of the girls. They look so pretty.

So the girls received matching dresses from their Grandma Jones yesterday to wear for Christmas time. Gideon was so jealous that the girls were twins that he insisted that he match with Rush today for church. He said that they could be twins and that maybe people would even have a hard time telling them apart. So he wore a tie and we clipped a pacifier to Rush so that people could tell them apart. We did try to explain that the fact that Gideon is atleast 4 times as big as Rush would clue people in. Can you tell them apart? Love the dresses Grandma Jones! Thanks for sending them.

My Favorite Overalls

I love this boy! But I especially love him in these overalls. Isn't he cute. It might be the hat too.

Dancing Queens!

So both girls are doing dance this year. They are both really enjoying it. It is fun to see Larke getting started and to see how much better Eden is this year. Larke danced to I'm a little tea pot, she showed us pencil roll, princess walking and a rocking chair. I am grateful that Miss Karen is patient because Larke can be a handful and she is just learning how to follow instructions. Eden is doing tap as well as ballet this year and she enjoys making big noises with her feet. She still has a hard time when she doesn't get her way. Last week when I came to pick her up Eden was crying because they curtsied towards the wall instead of the mirror where she wanted to watch herself. Eden also gets to participate in a Christmas program on the 21st of December and she is very excited. I hope that Larke doesn't throw too much of a fit not being up there too and I hope Eden doesn't chicken out.

Meet Frosty

So it snowed here right before Halloween. We got a beautiful day with between 50-60 degree weather so Gideon and I made a snowman together. The girls helped a little bit. It didn't last very long since it was so warm out but it was still fun. I love that Larke is out there with no coat. I promise she had one on earlier, but she just would not keep it on that day.

Our Pumpkins

So the kids and I went to the pumpkin patch while Matt was out of town. When he came back we decorated them with our pumpkin sized potato head pieces. I know that some may think our pumpkins are lame and I will admit that it is lazy, but I found that I was doing all the work and I felt like this was something that our small kids could handle. I did mean to carve a pumpkin with Gideon this year but it didn't happen. Next year we are going to have to do it.

Happy Halloween

We had alot of fun dressing up this year with a Star Wars theme. Matt was Luke on Dagobah with Rush as Yoda on his back. Larke was RD22 or how ever you want to say it. Gideon was Darth Vader (I like his mean face) and Eden was Princess Leia. I was a generic smuggler bad girl with a red wig. Matt likes to say that I was Hannah Solo. For those of you out there that really know Star Wars lore you can call me Mara Jade. Matt and I made our own gun holsters and rearranged belts to use. Matt sewed the backpack and I fixed Rush's yoda outfit which is actually a dog costume so I had to do some changing there. All in all I think we all really enjoyed dressing up together. Even Larke warmed up to it after initially balking.


These are pictures from our trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas. It was alot of fun. Thanks to LeAnn and Eric, Phil and Jenny and Natalie and Zach who all watched our kids while we were gone. It made the trip better knowing that our kids were in good hands. We spent a little time at the beach. Most of the time we spent riding the water rides and the lazy river. The lazy river was a mile long and would go between rapids and slow and waves and slow and there was a fork in the river that you could take to a couple of different tube rides. You didn't even have to get off the tube to be able to ride the ride. It was the coolest lazy river that I've ever seen. The weather was gorgeous. It was really hard to return to snow.

The Pumpkin Run

At Gideon's school they do a pumpkin run every year. Since he is only in 1st grade they run 1/2 a mile and at the end they get a free pumpkin for participating. I decided to try to run with him. Needless to say he whooped me and in fact I ended up walking almost the whole way. I ran for about 10 seconds right at the start and decided I'd better just walk. In my defense I did have Rush in a baby bjorn on the front of me. I think I could do a little bit better than running for 10 seconds. I'll have to try again next year. I was very proud of Gideon he did awesome.

All for One and One for All

This a sight I see often at my house since Larke's 3rd birthday. She got the 3 Musketeers Barbie movie and now she and Eden like to pretend that they are the 3 Musketeers girls. They cross their made up swords and shout "all for one and one for all". It is very cute. Thanks to Todd and Cheri for the 3 Musketeers outfit and Grandma Jones for the movie for making this moment in time possible.

It has been a long time...

So I haven't posted anything for a month and a half. Our computer has been done for a good portion of that time and we still don't have that all figured out. Matt is trying to take a nap right now so I'm going to use this time to snag the laptop and blog.
This one is for M'Recia. Thanks for the monkey towel. Rush loves it! The other kids love it too and are so jealous that it is for Rush.