Thursday, February 9, 2012


We got a ton of snow last weekend. Friday we played in our yard and pulled each other around the yard on the sled, made snow angels, threw snowballs and had hot chocolate. We got to have Matt home because the roads were too bad so we enjoyed a day of watching a movie in the basement together, playing in the snow, playing board games, etc. It was the perfect snow day if there ever was one.

Then Saturday came the sledding!

We went sledding with the kids last Saturday and had a fabulous time. I never realized how difficult it was to try to sled in snow drifts. It took a good half hour to pave the way for good sledding. Once we had a good path though it was awesome. You get to hear me laughing like a crazy woman in these videos. I hope you enjoy them.

Matt Turns 32

So Matt turned 32 at the end of January. He was very pleased with his gifts. He has wanted a valet stand for a long time and I finally got him one with his Mom's help. The kids made him cards. Eden cut out a lot of hearts for Matt and put them in her card. I got him some ducky cuff-links and Joy got him some Albanian flag cuff-links. We made him do a scavenger hunt to find all the pieces of the valet. He was a good sport even though the hiding places were somewhat lame. We enjoyed Snickers cake that I did not make. It was a nice day!

I sure do love you Matt! You are a great husband and father. Thanks for making me laugh and for hugging me when I cry.

Random Christmas Shots

Above: All the Jones Grandkids with Great Grandma Tibbitts. Below: Rush being cute eating cookies I believe, and lots of them.

Above: Preston and Rushmore Below: Eden and Larke

Above: Rush with Grandma Jones Below: I suppose this picture needs some explanation. My brother Vernon was rocking out to Matt's Christmas present (an Air Guitar-It's a belt buckle that plays music when you wave the magic pick over it, and yes it is totally awesome.) Anyway Vernon hasn't much hair as you can see from the back so we had him put on Larke's Rapunzel wig which was given to me by Kirsta(Thanks Kirsta, this was the highlight of it's career!)From the front he looked a little bit like bozo the clown which was funny enough then I went around the back and just about died laughing.

Above: Gideon as a Harry Potter Transformer, maybe? Below: Larke in the Alice dress my Mom made for her. Larke has decided that Alice is her favorite princess. Not sure why but that's okay because she looks stinking cute in this dress. Thanks Mom for doing that. It really is perfect. She still loves it.

Rush as an angry bird.

Snoopy Gingerbread houses we made shortly before Christmas. I just love Christmas.

I know I am late and that it is almost Valentines but I still wanted to post these pictures and write about them so that I don't forget.