Friday, February 18, 2011

100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is a fun day at school. They always celebrate it. Eden put 100 candy corns in a bag to take to school and came home with a 100 hat and glasses. They were very cute. Gideon came home with a question/answer sheet and I liked his answers so I wanted to write them down.
1. If I had $100, I would...Go to Disney World
2. If I had 100 pencils, I would...use one at a time
3. If I had 100 mosquito bites, I would...Run to the doctor
4. If I had 100 friends, I with them all
5. If I had 100 legs, I would...cut off 98
6. If I had 100 eyes, I would...see the world
7. If I had 100 toys, I with them all
8. If I had 100 family members, I would...get a bigger house
9. If I had 100 houses, I would...give them away
10. If I had 100 schools, I would...teach them one at a time
All the things in bold are what Gideon wrote. I think my favorite is the one about the legs.


I've gotten to take the kids sledding 2 times so far. Really it should probably be more, but oh well. I've taken the younger kids in the morning and then gotten stuff for Gideon so I can take him after school. Poor Gideon, the first time I tried to take him after school the snow was all gone because it had been so warm. So we came home and I pulled him on a sled around the back yard for a little while. Last time he did actually sled down the hill and really enjoyed it. I however did not get a picture of him. Rushmore loved sledding. He wanted to do it over and over. I got a little tired of going up and down the hill that many times, but he was so cute it was hard to say "I'm done". One of my friends sent him once down the hill by himself. I just about fainted dead away. He was just fine although maybe a little nervous. He was happy though. We are going to hope for more snow so that we can go again.


Dress up was taken to a whole new level at our house the other day. Eden wanted an umbrella to use inside the house and I told her no. So she came up with her own umbrella which I think turned out much better anyway. We had a friend over to play and at one point all three of them had hats on lightsabers or swords and passed them off as umbrellas. I was proud of them for being so creative. I love how Eden has taken to carrying around purses filled with her treasures. Little girls are such a crack up.

Happy Day

Matt turned 31 at the end of January. The kids were a lot of fun for Matt's birthday. They each made Matt a book that they made themselves. Larke's was 1 page folded in half colored yellow. Eden's was 2 pages with pictures of Eden giving Matt her birthday book and his reaction to it. Gideon's book had about 8 pages with a picture and a sentence on each page about all the things he was grateful for about Matt. It was really very sweet and he pretty much did the whole thing on his own. I made Matt a banana cream cheese cake that he requested and gyros. Both of which were very yummy. It was fun to have the kids be so involved. I think they did a great job making Matt feel special on his birthday.


Rush looks like such a little fisherman in these pictures. Way too grown up and yet so stinking cute. He has been alot of fun lately. He loves to laugh and be tickled and wave bye bye and blink his eyes at me. He brought me a toy dog of Eden's yesterday and said doggy. I had no idea he could say doggy and know what it was. He jabbers a ton and says real words like here you go, bye bye, mom, mommy, dad, daddy, NO, mine. He is getting so big. I love most of all his laugh. It is just plain contagious.

Messy Face

In my opinion it is one of the best things as a parent to experience the happy messy face. It is just so stinking cute when kids are so into their food that they are covered in it. They are learning how to feed themselves and just not quite succeeding. I went to McDonalds with my sister a couple of weeks ago and she and I were laughing about how carefully Rush would dip his french fries in his ketchup and yet he can end up with messy face at other times. It's nice to see the face clean too! I guess those baby faces are cute clean or dirty.


Cookies are so fun. I don't always love making cookies with my kids because they just want to get to the eating which makes the making of them a little painful. It is fun however to see them want to be helpful. They need a little more patience to not be in such a hurry for the end result that they ruin the dough and I need to be more patient in helping them learn that. I think it is so important to let your kids try things, that is how they learn. I didn't actually realize that it would be so hard for me to let go about some things and let them try. I am grateful for the times when I have let go and we've made cookies together. Who knew that cookies had such an important lesson for me to learn.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family Pictures

Poor M'Recia has been trying for atleast a year to get a new Jones family picture. We've has 2 new grandkids and M'Recia and Brent were married since our last family picture. She decided on Jewel tones and jeans because people didn't like the idea of doing bright shirts with dark pants. We all teased her mercilessly about the jewel tones. Poor M'Recia again. The pictures turned out great. We tried to get some pictures of just us and our kids and they were horrible. They were being crazy and wouldn't look at the camera and just plain pills. Thank goodness for photo shop and M'Recia's ability to use it. Other then our kids it was a quite hilarious picture taking experience with a lot of teasing and Alec jumping in front of the camera right when the picture was being taken.

Christmas Morning 2010

Kids coming down Christmas Morning.
Rushmore bouncing on a balloon. His favorite pasttime that morning.Larke figuring out a yo-yo
Gideon really wanted a Nutcracker for Christmas and was so excited to get it from Santa. He did break the handle off the 1st day and thank goodness for glue.
I dressed up in the girls new dress-up.

Rushmore figuring out the whole stocking thing.

The Spoils
Matt wrapped these presents for Rushmore and proceeded to put letters on them to spell out his name. I thought it was cute.
Rushmore playing on his new sit and spin. He wasn't always nice to Grandma Jones but he did let her help him out on Christmas morning, which was nice for all of us.
We enjoyed getting spoiled by all of our loved ones. My favorite gift from Matt were some beautiful earrings. They have dried flowers in a teardrop glass shape. He said they just looked like me and he was right. I have worn them a ton.