Thursday, June 3, 2010

Protect the Children

So you know how you strive to protect your children from the scary and harder things of life? This week I failed. I am of course speaking of my children's new obsession with Pokemon. I thought I had escaped the influence of Pokemon in my and my kids' lives. I thought maybe it was old enough that it would skip their generation. But alas it was not to be... How did my children discover Pokemon, you ask? Well we let the kids watch things on Netflix on-line on the x-box. Gideon swore to me that he was going to turn on Voltron, of which Matt has fond childhood memories. On his way to Voltron Gideon saw Pokemon and wanted to check it out. Without consulting me he began the show and before you could say Jack Robinson my kids were hooked. On Tuesday in the bath Eden and Larke were playing with the toys saying "Pikachu, I choose you!" , and telling them what powers to use to fight each other. Heaven help us all if they discover the cards and toys, etc.